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Strategic planning and program evaluation at a price you can afford.

Program evaluation, strategic planning, 501(c)3 formation, mission/vision statements, grant writing, and web design solutions tailored to your organization.

Let Your Data and Web Presence Take Your Organization to Higher Grounds

Data is one of the most important decision-making tools that nonprofit and small business leaders have at their disposal. Unfortunately, many lack the time or staff to analyze it effectively. At Altitude Informatics, we have the time and expertise to give your data the attention it needs. 

Business Planning & Grant Writing

Our business-planning services provide organizations with a low-cost, customized roadmap for anticipating revenue, expenses, and growth over 12, 24, and 60-month periods. In addition, our grant writing services provide strong, targeted proposals which allow your organization to access no-repayment federal, state, and private funding for unique business ideas and projects serving community need.

Data Analysis

We do more than just basic data analysis! Our staff includes a Ph.D. level data scientist, who is trained in advanced forecasting, research methods, and machine learning. If you need consulting and collaboration on innovative research projects or new data-centered products, give us a call. 

Website Design & Upkeep

Target your customers based on your latest statistics and qualitative data. We design marketing campaigns for you based on real-time sales figures and consumer feedback. 

Responsive Customer Service

At AIS, we place you and your business' needs first. Our small, multilingual, professional team of analysts and data scientists will help answer questions and solve problems around the clock.  

Are You Ready to Take Your Organization to New Heights?

Learn more about our services, pricing, and ways that we can help your business. Our customer care team will reach out to you within one business day. 

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